• Our succulent Classic Mocktail Bottles are delightful every time! They are especially fitting for birthdays, anniversaries and thank yous!


    Select your divine bottle from the magnificent menu below:


    Virgin Mojito

    • An exclusive blend of freshly squeezed lime, handpicked mint, Liquid's Own homemade simple syrup, topped with crisp soda water

    Virgin Tom Collins

    • A smooth blend of freshly squeezed lemon, Liquid's Own homemade simple syrup, topped with soothing soda water

    Virgin Elderpimms

    • A lively blend of luscious elderflower syrup, refreshing sparkling water, fresh cucumber slices, handpicked mint, juicy strawberries, complete with fresh rich oranges (not available for postal deliveries)

    Virgin Paloma

    • A delicate blend of homemade simple syrup, gentle grapefruit juice drops, freshly squeezed lime, topped with subtle soda water

    Virgin Apple mule

    • A fiery blend of cloudy apple juice, freshly squeezed lime, topped with fierce ginger beer


    Classic Mocktail Bottles

    Classic Mocktail Menu:
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Random Selection!
    £10.00monthly/ auto-renew
    • *Available UK Wide* - excluding Elderpimms

      Best sipped within 7 days of local delivery & 4 days of postal deliveries

      • Elderpimms best sipped within 2 days due to fruits

      All 750ml bottles

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