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Classic Mocktail Service

About this service...

Classic Mocktail Menu: Paloma - A delicate blend of Liquid's Own homemade simple syrup, gentle grapefruit juice drops, freshly squeezed lime, topped with subtle soda water Mojito - An exclusive blend of freshly squeezed lime, handpicked mint, Liquid's Own homemade simple syrup, topped with crisp soda water Screwdriver - A fiery blend of freshly juiced orange juice, topped with lemonade with a Maraschino cherry Purple collins - A smooth blend of freshly squeezed lemon, Liquid's Own homemade simple syrup, plump blueberries topped with soothing soda water Within this service we will arrive at your allocated location 1 hour before service is to begin, you just show us the space you would like us to be positioned. Service can be from any of our bars dependent on your space. We will serve this menu for the length of time you book for - if you would like more than 2 hours of service write the length of time within the booking form. You can choose to pay for a set amount of drinks per guest, have a cash bar service or have unlimited drinks per guest - written within request form. Once service has finished at your selected time we will pack up and let you enjoy the rest of your event. Please note this stage is just a request form, there will not be any payments taken. You simply complete the request form, I then email you your quote based on the information provided and go over all of the details. You confirm you are happy with the quote and proceed with deposit payment. Once your deposit has been paid your booking is confirmed and you will be emailed a confirmation of this but I will be in touch with you for the entire process. If you would like more than one service option contact us so we can do a personalised booking form for you!