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Let the fun begin...

We will bring your ideas to life.

Now you have had a good browse through our bars and drinks, let us know what you would like to make your event extra special. If you don't know exactly what you desire yet, we can give you some of the best fitting options and you can pick from there.

We travel a maximum of 100 miles outside of Bedford with our pop up bars. 50 miles outside of Bedford with our Horsebox Bars!


Imagine This...


Corporate Events


You arrive at work for another long day to find at lunchtime you all get unlimited Milkshakes and Juices served from our Pinkey as a work treat! Simply by completing the form, receiving your quote and sorting the invoice.



You have booked in our bar and you no longer have the stress of finding the perfect drink caterers for your day. Now you know you have The Best Bar around and cannot stop thinking about how incredible Whitey is going to look at your wedding venue, everyone is going to be so excited to try the Mango and Lime Margarita Slush Tail while kids are enjoying their Magical Malteser Milkshake. You YOURSELF cannot wait to sip on some Fresh Pina Colada! Everyone will be taking photos of your wedding day, with drinks in hand creating some wonderful memories.


Waking up knowing your friends and family are going to have the best cocktail party in history tonight to celebrate your birthday. They will be mesmerised when they arrive at the venue to see our Palley all set up, cocktails at the ready. Simply by picking a cocktail menu, date and competing the form

It is Baby Shower time and you have the Baby shower Package booked in for everyone. No stress on your shoulders this time, it's time to party in style!​ 

These are just some examples of how you could feel when booking us in, we do all event styles so not to worry!

All packages can be increased in length - enter the length of time within the form.

We also do a regular bar service (Bottled beers, wines & spirits) so complete the Mixed Drinks form for this one.