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Drinks Cart



How stunning is our brand new shabby chic Drinks Cart!

This is the ideal touch to any event - from weddings through to hen parties. 

Staffed Service Options:

We will serve the drinks for the length of time you book for. Once service has finished at your selected time we will pack up and let you enjoy the rest of your event.

-Prosecco Trees

-Cocktail/Mocktail Trees/Display

-Coffee Station

-Welcome Drinks

-Fresh Juices


Self Service Options:

We will come to set up the Cart and will collect the following day. No staff will stay after the set up with this option. This will need to be set up inside or under a shelter of some sort. Not to be moved once set up. 

-Kilner Drink Dispenser (Cocktails/Mocktails/Juices/Punch/Pimms layed on the cart with ice, garnishes and cups)

-Gin Station (Number of Gins and Mixers with many garnishes to select from layed on the cart with ice, garnishes and cups )

-Liquid Collection Ready to Pour Cocktail Bottles (Choices on the Liquid Collection page, Bottles layed on the cart with ice, garnishes and cups)

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If you do not fancy our Cart on this occasion we have many more quirky mobile bar hire options!

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