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Liquid Events

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Welcome to Liquid Events

From stress to pure bliss!


Struggling for ideas on how to spoil your loved one this year? You are in the right place. 

Everyone deserves to be spoilt for all occasions. It could be a birthday, a new job, Christmas, or just because it's well deserved! Sometimes thinking of something to do thats outside of the box  for an occasion can be quite difficult. And very time consuming.

Wouldn't it be great to just complete a form with your loved ones preferences and joys - in return receiving the perfect event plan all booked and ready to go ready for you to make some incredible special memories. 

You simply register with your own details below, I then send you an event request form to complete. Once you have completed your event request form with the other halfs preferences from their favorite foods to their ideal getaways I will go through all of the personal information you have provided to collate together three personalised event packages. These options are all based on locations, budgets, preferences and foods so are truly personal to your loved one and you.


There are unlimited options so if you don't have a big budget that's no problem, there are still hidden gems I can send over as an option to you. Or if your ready for a luxury celebration without a budget, no bother at all I know all of the best spots! If you would like a planned party or an adventurous weekend in London - I have it covered.

From receiving your three bespoke packages you confirm which one would like to go ahead with, I send over your invoice to settle which is the one and only payment you will make. It includes the fees for each element within your option. Once the invoice has been settled I book all of the selections in on your behalf including all of your personal information and everything will be booked under your name. When everything has been booked I send you a full confirmation where you will find all of the booked selections confirmations and details. I even send you a loose schedule to follow along with extra ideas of free activities you can do in between your options. 

You then get to thoroughly enjoy your event without the hassle of all the booking forms, looking and a million options and a headache! To top it off, your loved one will have the most incredible time ever - I guarantee you. 

If you have any questions at all please drop me an email I am happy to clear up any questions you have or just explain how the process works.

Glasses and Notebook


Complete your registration below to receive your event request form! 

Citrus Feast

Our packages are for all genders, all budges and all ages.

If he loves cooking along with a passion for supercars I could get you booked in for a Supercar Driving session followed by a Dim Sum cooking class.

If she loves her relaxing city breaks along with an obsession for candles I could get you booked into a Candle Making class followed by an overnight stay at the most incredible city hotel. Not forgetting the evening cocktail or the best breakfast spot.

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