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Meet the team!

Keshell - Owner


I am Keshell, the proud owner of Liquid. I started the business from scratch in 2017 and run it solely with the support of the team today. 

I spend my days communicating with you customers out there, working on our social media accounts and constantly improving our services and team. 

Occasionally I do head out and run a service but most of the time I leave this to our talented leaders in the team who are just as great. 


Sarah - Leader


 I have been a member of the Liquid family for over a year and have had the pleasure of  meeting wonderful clients along the way. It's our mission to ensure the service we provide is exceptional and personal, as a team we really take pride in this. 


Being part of the Liquid team is also very rewarding, to be involved in so many different events, in so many different locations serving fresh creative cocktails!! 



Sian - Leader

 I'm Siân, I've been working with Liquid for almost a year now, and despite one terrible shift (which involved spilling a drink over myself) I'm now very proud to say I've been trained up as a Leader, learnt some awesome new skills, and genuinely enjoy the work I do!

My fav 3 things about Liquid - The team spirit, the guests & the product! The team are like a second family, we're full of laughter with each other and support for each other. The guests are always such wonderful people to meet, it's a privilege to be involved in events that are often making invaluable memories. And amazing to take pride in serving a fresh and creative product that I know is superb quality.


Jessica - Assistant

I love being part of the team as:

1) I enjoy working together as a team
2) learning new things about other people
3) taking myself out of my comfort zone

I look forward to interacting with new customers throughout different mobile events and I can’t wait to learn new things along the way.


Matt - Assistant


 Hi, I am Mateusz and I am the the best employee Liquid has seen so far. With my modesty and unarguable great work i managed to be employee of the month once... since I started working here (7 months ago...). Throughout my journey with Liquid I've managed to improve my bartending skills and meet incredible people. Liquid is not just a brand it's a family who will be on your side no matter what.  


My 3 favourite things about Liquid are interaction with customers, professional team, and most importantly products we create with heart and passion for our customers. With these special ingredients together we write the history of Liquid.

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