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Welcome to our Online Store!

Our delicious handmade ready to pour bottles, cocktail/mocktail kits & hampers are the perfect treat for any occasion!


You can gift one to a friend as we now post them or treat yourself through these tough times. Our cocktails are full of delicious flavours that are essential for your lockdown,⁠ all are made with the highest quality fresh ingredients and are posted directly to your doorstep, add a note in to bring your personal touch!

We have a wide range from milkshakes to cocktails to select from that have all been made using the best combinations and precise mixes. 

Our Milkshake, Freakshake, Cocktail, Mocktail, Smoothies & Juices hampers are only available for door step drop off around Bedford, MK and surrounding areas. We post only Mocktails and Cocktails UK wide. 

Struggling to find something exciting to do with loved ones - virtually or physically?
- Our kits are the perfect solution!
Fun, enjoyable and a new experience within your own hom
e. AND  you have the benefit of keeping everything within your kit, so next time you can order a simple replenish kit!

Wanting to treat your little one through these strange times?
- Our Ready to Pour Milkshake bottles will definitely put a smile on their face! Add on a Freakshake to treat yourself too...

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